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Artistic digitizer embroidery software

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202423005 - Artistic digitizer embroidery software is equipped with a next generation working environment which will excite with its innovative design, 3D integration, intuitive usability and stunning embroidery quality. You can create professional level results without needing to be an expert!

The full version of Artistic digitizer includes tools for creating cutting, painting and quilting designs.

Main Features

  • MAC and PC Compatibility with a common user interface
  • Software key login: Install the software an unlimited number of times, log in to use at any time.
  • More than just embroidery: Create files for embroidery, paint, crystals, stencil and cutwork.
  • Create designs using the complete built-in designer
  • Convert vector designs to embroidery
  • Convert any True Type or Open Type fonts to embroidery
  • 250+ Pre-digitized fonts included
  • Complete lettering toolset
  • Import images to use as design guidelines
  • Convert images into embroidery using Auto Tracer
  • Cross-stitch designs automatically
  • PaintStitch automatically converts a picture into an embroidery to look like a painted canvas
  • Import and edit Stitch files
  • Create monogram designs
  • Create stencil & cut designs
  • Create buttonholes automatically
  • Create beautiful fading colour effects by blending two or more overlapping shapes with gradient fill
  • Convert any design or object into Redwork, in just one step
  • Full editing/transform abilities
  • Create templates for rhinestone/crystal applications
  • Array fill capable: >Rectangle >Circle >Kaleidoscope
  • Embroidery sequence manager with autoreordering
  • Wide colour selection available for embroidery thread options
  • 6 stitch type options for embroidery fill
  • Apply 3D underlays for raised embroidery
  • Divide objects to subsections and apply different stitch directions
  • 50+ Video tutorials available within the program
  • Complete hoop designer including the most popular hoops in the market
  • Multi-hooping support
  • Automatic software update
  • Couching: Add depth, dimension and drama to any project by stitching down yarn.
  • Fonts, Fonts Fonts: Select from True Type Fonts, Open Type fonts, or your system fonts to create unique looks.
  • Reverse Lettering: Use alongside Netfill and Trim functions to eliminate bulky satin stitches that could easily get lost on bulky fabric.
  • Array: Take a single design and automatically populate it seamlessly into several, covering your stitch area.
  • Intertwined Monogram: Easily weave your monogram letters through each other, creating a unique design.
  • Name Drop: Quickly insert several names in a single design for bags, caps, badges or shirt logos.
  • Automatic Floral Design Fill: Dynamically create beautiful floral filled shapes.
  • Knife Tool: Use the knife tool to cut away parts of the design.