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Sew Good Baby Fabrics

Prym Iron-On Transfer Pen

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Prym Iron-On Transfer Pen Fibre Tip Purple


The iron-on transfer pen from Prym is a good choice for transferring embroidery patterns onto fabrics. First of all, use the violet felt-tip cartridge to transfer the embroidery pattern onto transparent paper. To ensure that the motif is displayed the correct way round, the motif is once more clearly traced on the reverse of the transparent paper with the iron-on pattern pen. Now you can iron the embroidery pattern onto the fabric. You must without fail embroider over the transferred lines, since the markings do not wash out. This transfer pen from Prym is ideal for all types of fabrics, both natural and synthetic. For ironing on the prepared pattern the iron should be set to the ironing temperature for the fabric you are using.


Important: Never draw directly onto the fabric.

Strong violet felt-tip cartridge

Permanent transfer pen

Does not wash out