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Prym Knitting Mill Maxi

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Item number: 624170

 Large knitting mill for quickly creating knitted tubes

 44 stitches for circular knitting, 40 stitches for flat knitting

 Easy to use, even for beginners

Includes instructions

The MAXI knitting mill is the largest semi-automatic knitting mill in Prym's product line. It is excellent for creating knitted tubes with a stitch count of 44 stitches for circular knitting and 40 stitches for knitting flat pieces. Precise thread guidance and a tensioning device for the incoming threads always ensure the ideal wool thread tension, thereby helping create an even stitch structure. Prym's MAXI knitting mill even helps inexperienced knitting fans knit caps, scarves, or even pillow cases with great enthusiasm. Colours can also be effortlessly changed by easily knotting the new wool. Nearly all hand-knitting yarns are suitable, although the thread tension must be adapted to the material in question. The instruction manual contains detailed information.