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Sew Good Baby Fabrics

Prym Leather Slipper Socks 3 1/2 - 5 adult

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UK 3 1/2 - 5 adult - please contact me to order 

36-38 eu

Anyone who likes to have warm feet will enjoy these quality soles. Soles for slippers and slipper socks are made of premium leather and very durable. The insides of the soles are filled with soft plush, which provides an additional, pleasant cuddly experience. In addition to leather soles, the packaging contains a cutting pattern for three shoe sizes, all in all, the leather soles are available for shoe sizes 18 to 41. Vividly illustrated, step by step sewing and knitting instructions are integrated for making slippers and slipper socks. Since circular knitting needles are used for the knitting variant, it is also suitable for beginners, a set of double pointed knitting needles is not required. If your favourite woollen socks are to be converted into house shoes, a finished sock can alternatively be sewn onto the soles, too.