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Sew Good Baby Fabrics

Wild Daisies Rayon Mix

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Wild Daisies Rayon Mix

Ride the daisy train!

This Rayon mix fabric is the perfect summer fabric. It is woven with both synthetic and natural fibres. Regular 100% rayon is more susceptible to wrinkles and tears. By combining these two fibres you can get the best of both worlds. rayon is soft and smooth and drapey and breathable and the addition of the nylon makes it more durable and wrinkle resistant.

This fabric features a classic and vibrant, daisy, floral design of small white daisies set about with green stems and leaves with smaller coloured flowers to create a beautiful summer scene and is set against either a mustard or navy block coloured background.

*Please message for navy 

Composition: 85% Rayon 15% Nylon

Weight: 90gsm

Width: 150cm